Wednesday, 29 October 2014

FindMyPast fraud - update

As an update to the fraudulent charges from, after first trying to blame me for cancelling my free trial too late (I foolishly thought that if you cancelled before the free trial expired (which I did) AND that if you receive an email stating "you will not be charged", that I would not be charged - how foolish of me!) they "graciously" offered to reverse the charges. It is a relief that I won't have to go through my bank's fraud process, but I am seriously considering lodging a complaint with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission because a 14-day free trial should a) last 14 days; b) be free; and c) when you are told you will not be charged for a service you have cancelled, then you shouldn't be bloody well charged.

My advice to anyone considering checking out any of the commercial genealogy sites is to avoid FindMyPast like the plague - stick with reputable sites like Ancestry, Genes ReunitedThe Genealogist or even the completely free Family Search. FindMypast claim to offer unique record sets, but most of what they have can be found elsewhere. And don't be sucked in by their newspaper archives - you can access the same newspapers directly on the British Newspaper Archive for about the same as a FMP monthly subscription (even cheaper if you use a coupon code, which are regularly available) but with a much better user interface and infinitely better search capabilities.

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