Monday, 20 October 2014

Focus and discipline

Two of the (many) skills that are required when researching family history are focus and discipline - and it appears I have neither! >_<

I get sidetracked too easily at times. For my restarted family tree I was planning on starting with my grandfather nd working slowly, methodically back as far as I can along the male line. A good idea in theory, but other factors got in the way. While browsing the WDYTYA? magazine forums I saw a call from the editor for Eureka Moment stories - stories of when you finally broke through a brick wall. This got me thinking about a story from my family history so I contacted the editor, told her my story and went back through my research related to that story.

Digging back through that story, lead me to the British Newspaper Archive so I could re-locate one of the sources I used. Naturally, once I was back in the BNA I started looking for other relatives and that search turned up another story which I have never been able to get to the bottom of. That sent me off to several other sites - The Gazette, Find My Past and the UK National Archives. I still haven't solved this problem, but I feel I am definitely getting closer to understanding this case...

Anywho, details on these two stories will be forthcoming and I will definitely get back on track explaining my methodology and rebuilding my tree shortly. Unless something else shiny pops up somewhere... ;^)

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