Monday, 24 November 2014

I got some learnin' to do...

So I am now on a mission to learn as much as I can about evidence-based genealogy, the Genealogical Proof Standard and the proper citation of sources. I should probably start with citation...

Much of what I have done to date has been guided by what feels right. The more I think about where I am and how I got here, the more I realise that I need some rigour in my research efforts. While I have endeavoured to locate as many sources for each person and event in my tree, I haven't always been so thorough in documenting where those sources came from. I realise now that citation is more important than I had first thought, so that should be my first step on the path to my edumacation. Properly documenting where the source material came from using whatever citation standard the genealogical world uses should become a priority for me. Once I get that sorted, I can start to dig into the GPS and evidence-based genealogy.

So, does anyone have any good resources for source citation?

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