Friday, 26 December 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. In recent years Christmas-time has become a quieter affair. I now live with and look after my elderly father who, despite genealogical data saying otherwise, I am certain is descended from either the Grinch or Ebenezer Scrooge. Or possibly both. He is not a fan of Christmas trees or decorations, so the house always feels a little empty this time of year...

One thing we do have, however, is a massive feast for Christmas lunch. Roast turkey with cranberry sauce, roast vegetables galore, a leg of ham, and christmas pudding with brandy custard. After lunch we are both so full that nothing gets done other than sitting in our armchairs watching TV. I didn't do any genealogy, didn't play any games or read any books - Christmas afternoon is just a time to sit and relax. And snooze. ;^)

I did get a very nice present from my ISP - they gave all customers unmetered downloads for Christmas Day, so I made good use of that gift. I must have used over a month's worth of data, but not only is everything now up to date, but I have enough training videos, books, music, movies and games to keep me busy for a while.

At times like this I do wonder what my ancestors did for Christmas. Did they have large family gatherings and feasts like we used to when I was younger? Or was it a more solemn time of year? Or did they have to work through the holidays with little or no time off? What traditions did they have? What kind of gifts were given out and what food was on their Christmas table? I guess the exact answers to these questions may never be known, but it should be possible to find some contemporary accounts of Christmases from the time of my ancestors. I guess that's something to add to my to-do list...

Anyway, cheers and I hope you have happy holidays wherever you are.

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