Friday, 30 January 2015

A brief update on my genealogy log tool

I have explored several different options for user authentication and authorisation in Rails, ranging from rolling my own user management system (easy enough, but potentially error-prone) to using a third party Gem like Devise or Sorcery. I'm still not 100% sure which way to go, but I think I might opt for Sorcery because that will make integrating with OAuth providers (to allow users to log into my app using their Twitter or Google credentials) easier than rolling my own system. Sorcery it is then. /nod

The next decision is an easy one - I will be using Heroku to deploy the app. That way I can get the app up and running for free before deciding if it is worth paying for larger deployment. I've been testing Heroku with a few sample apps and it seems easy enough to get things up and running. A number of large web apps also use Heroku, so they can handle the small amount of traffic I a likely to generate easily enough. /nod

Now I just have to decide on an initial feature set and start building the danged thing.

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