Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Another will arrived

The second of the two wills I ordered online arrived today. This was my ggg-grandfather's will and a quick scan of the document looks quite interesting. Of course I really don't have the time to transcribe (and translate) the nine pages just now, but my dad has read through both the wills I have recently received and together they shine a little light on a particular family story about my gg-grandfather and great-grandfather.

Overall I am reasonably happy with the UK probate seach website. Sure, the search sucks and the ordering process could be improved, but the site is quick to respond to complaints and according to the response I got they acknowledge these shortcomings and are working to fix them. But if you can identify the documents you want (possibly by using Ancestry's search) then the £10 cost is reasonable and the turn-around times are tolerable at just under two weeks. The scans are quite clear and very readable. When I do get back to doing my research I will happily use this service to order other wills.

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