Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Domain name registered...

I came up with the ideal name for my genealogy log app and decided to register the domain name now, before someone else jumps on it. Oops. Too late. 8^/ It seems someone else thought the name was a good one and registered it some time ago - it's just a pity that they haven't done anything with it and just have a default registry landing page there. Oh well, that made me put my thinking cap on and  I have come up with a better name,, which I promptly registered. The name has only just been registered, so there is nothing there yet but I promise I will get something up ASAP.

Now that I have a domain, I have a whole set of new tasks to add to my todo list:

  • Sort out some hosting for the site
  • Create a development blog (I will probably just mirror this blog there for the time being)
  • Create some kind of landing page, with details about the tools project, etc
  • Finish the genealogy log tool and get it on the new site!

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