Monday, 2 February 2015

Two exciting new documents have arrived!

Well, when I say "new", I really mean "new to me." ;^)

The first document to arrive was a book titled Old Stretford - Reminiscences of the Past Half-Century by Sir Bosdin Leech. This is a copy of the original small booklet produced by Sir Bosdin Leech in 1910 - only a small number of books were originally printed privately, but this is one of a number of copies produced by The Lancashire Library. The pages have been photocopied and bound in a hard cover and the book is therefore in reasonably good condition. What makes this book so special and worth tracking down? For starters, it is a snapshot of life in the town of Stretford in Lancashire, where my family hails from. Secondly, several of my ancestors and their families are mentioned in the book. While some of the included "reminiscences" are of dubious provenance, the book should still flesh out some of the stories of my ancestors and will at the very least provide a number of additional pointers for future research. For example, the book contains a stories about the Stretford Gas Company and the Stretford Omnibus Company, both of which deserve some serious follow-up research. Sir Bosdin's recollections of these events may be clouded and muddy, but knowing that there are stories linking my family to these companies at least gives me a pointer to possible future research efforts.

The second document has only just arrived - my ggg-grandmother's will. It has been just on two weeks since I ordered this will for my father. I have downloaded the will, printed a copy out and handed it to my father. I will be trying to avoid looking at it for a while - I have too much else on my plate - but I did give it a quick glance. ;^) We're still waiting for my ggg-grandfather's will, but I expect that will arrive in the next day or two.

So many interesting documents and here I am on a self-imposed research ban! How will I cope?!

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