Monday, 13 April 2015

And now for something different...

I have in my collection a wonderful little book about the area where my family originally came from, Stretford, Lancashire, UK. The book, Old Stretford, Reminiscences of the Past Half-Century by Sir Bosdin Leech was self-published in 1910 just two years before his death in 1912. At only 40 pages it is quite short, but it contains a number of delightful anecdotes about the people, places and customs of Stretford that he remembers from his childhood and I found it really gave me a sense of the area that my family came from - it doesn't hurt that there are several anecdotes about my ancestors and relatives! To read contemporary accounts of the life and times of people in my ancestral home, written by someone who personally knew my ancestors (the Leech family were tenants of my great-great-great-great-grandfather) adds a whole other chapter to my family history.

A quick calculation shows that this book is now well out of copyright, even accounting for the seemingly never-ending series of dubious copyright extensions that Disney and Co keep pushing governments around the world to issue. As such I have decided to transcribe this book and I will post chapters here as I complete them. I am hoping to complete a chapter a week, but make no promises about the regularity of this effort. ;^)