Friday, 27 November 2015

Family reunion idea: Family history book

I am looking for ideas for our family reunion next year and one idea I would like to explore is creating a family history book. I have traced the Bannister line back to the early 1700s in Cheshire and Lancashire in England. In the course of my research I have uncovered a number of interesting stories and anecdotes about our ancestors and their families. If I were to start with the earliest researched ancestor and produce a family group chart for each generation, I could then intersperse the family groups with relevant stories. While I don't have any photographs of any of my English ancestors I do have a large number of parish registers, newspaper articles, wills and other documents that I could include.

To help make things more relevant to the attendees at the reunion, I could include all descendants of my great-great-grandfather, George Amos BANNISTER, who was the first of "our" Bannisters to come to Australia. With luck we will have most of George Amos' descendants at the reunion, so I a, sure there would be some interest in such a book...

However... I don't think I would be able to produce a complete descendant chart in the time available, so I may have to make a decision on a cut-off point. Perhaps up to and including my grandfather's siblings would be good enough? I will have to give some thought to just how far up and down the tree I go with this book...

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