Sunday, 29 November 2015

Family reunion idea: Family history book - take 2

Okay, after some thought I think I have come up with a good approach. The working title for the book is The Footsteps of Amos: From Stretford to Melbourne and it will cover the period from when the first Bannister moved to Stretford up until when my great-great-grandfather, George Amos BANNISTER emigrated to Australia. I will include events up to and including his death, but no further. This will tell an interesting story of the "Stretford years" and should allay some fears that had previously been expressed by some family members over their privacy. Time permitting I will try to produce a couple of smallish pamphlets covering some of the more interesting stories from the Melbourne clan as I have a lot of newspaper articles from Melbourne newspapers in the late 1800s and early 1900s which I would love to share. I will also attempt to produce a chart showing George Amos' descendants, but with no dates - I think it would be good to know where we all fit into the tree and what our relationships to each other are.

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