Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Registers and what can be found therein

One of the enjoyable parts of genealogy is when you find something that helps you connect on a personal level with your ancestors. Today I had such an experience. Whilst going through the four generations of Amos' who will feature in my family history book, I discovered a scan of the Stretford Marriage register which has the entry for Amos BANNISTER (1730-1796) and Catherine ROBINSON. Not only did this help me pin down a more exact date for their wedding, but it lists the dates when their marriage banns were read and has details about Catherine's origins which will help me push back a little further on that line. Oh, and there's a little bonus too...

Looking at the entries on the page it is appears that each entry was signed by different people and the handwriting is quite distinct for each signature. So it is unlikely that this is a transcription of an original document, but a scan of the original register itself. That makes it quite probable that I am looking at Amos BANNISTER's actual handwriting. I never thought I would be looking at the signature of my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather from 1757 - it just makes this project all the more personal and relevant somehow.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Family Reunion Book thoughts

I have decided to compile a short book for our family reunion next year. The subject of he book will be the four generations of my ancestors who lived in Stretford, beginning with Amos BANNISTER who was the first to move to Stretford and ending in George Amos BANNISTER who came to Australia. Their lives, from the birth of Amos to the death of George Amos spanned a total of 152 years and I have most of the relevant vital documents plus a large number of other supporting documents with which to build a story.

As a first step I have started re-verifying my research for these people, double-checking my sources, making sure I have proper citations and checking that I have not missed anything. The next step will be to create a timeline for each person and to scour the newspaper archives for any relevant articles which might be included. Then I can start writing the stories.

Once I have the book written, I will need to find somewhere to get it printed. I could go for the "cheap and nasty" route of simply photocopying it and using a comb binder, but maybe there are some self-publishing/print-on-demand options that might be more appropriate? So I guess I should start looking at the available services and start trying to compare prices. Does anyone have any experience with self publishing?